Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the children here?

All of our children come from areas affected by Chernobyl. The children we bring to the US deal with weakened immune systems, which leads to a higher rate of pneumonia, bronchitis, and other winter diseases. The children who are not able to escape the radiation for a period of time stay consistently sick in the winter due to their compromised immune systems.

While the children are here they see a family physician, dentist, and eye doctor free of charge. Each group has a set of doctors that see the children for free. Most of the children’s families cannot afford quality healthcare and we are very thankful for the doctors that see our children!

How long are the children here?

Children arrive during the month of June and are here for 6 weeks. Individual groups have the opportunity to help determine when in June the children arrive. The children leave exactly 6 weeks after the day they arrive.

How old are the children here?
Host families can request a child between the ages of 7 and 17. In addition to age, families can also choose a gender that fits best with their family.
Do I have to have children to host?
No! While many of our families do have children of their own, we also have couples with grown children and couples without any children of their own. Most children do fine in any of these situations!
Is there a cost involved?
Host families are responsible for the cost of bringing the child here. The cost covers the child’s plane ticket, visa, in country transportation and emergency medical insurance. The cost changes from year to year and approximate cost will be shared at interest meetings. But don’t worry, its significantly less than it would cost for your family to travel overseas!
Is there fund raising?
Absolutely! ABRO is a 501c3 non-profit organization so all donations are tax-deductible. We offer donation pages on our website so families can raise support through social media. In addition, we work with corporations so that you can use your company’s matching gifts program towards the cost. Each of our groups also host fundraisers to help their families raise the necessary funds.
Can I travel with my child?
Of course! Children can travel anywhere within the United States along with their host family. They just can’t travel to another country (including Caribbean islands) with you.
What is expected of host families?

The most important thing for host families is to provide the children with love and acceptance. Some of the children come from broken homes or homes where parents are alcoholics or drug addicts. Host families should make the children feel like part of their families (including setting expectations for them!). In addition to loving on the children, families must ensure their child attends all of their medical appointments (doctor, dentist & eye doctor).

How can I keep in touch with my child?

We have a lot of host families that would like to stay in touch with their Belarussian child or child’s family throughout the year. We can help you stay in touch using contacts in Belarus to translate messages, or we can set up a three-way zoom call. A lot of families have found that it is easy to keep in touch using various online methods. The cost of internet is relatively low in Belarus, so many families have access to the internet. Skype, Facebook, e-mail, and Viber are all ways families can keep in touch with their child or their family in Belarus. If you need help getting connected – contact us!

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