To be a host family for six weeks during the summer. Six weeks out of the radiation has shown to improve the children’s well-being and provide them a better quality of life for the future. Visit our group finder map to find a group near you or contact us for more information!


Sponsor A Child

If you are not in a position to host a child you can help other financially to host a child through your generous contributions.  Your contributions will allow us to bring more Belarussian children affected by the aftermath of Chernobyl to America during the summer.  All of your contributions are tax deductible and 100% of your contributions will be applied to a child’s sponsorship.


Invite Us for A Presentation

ABRO is happy to make a presentation to your group or other organization. Past presentations have included churches, Rotary organizations, Civitan groups, and others. If you would like to hear about ABRO’s Mission please contact us for more information.