Travel To Belarus

Travel with us to Belarus!

Every year, right after Christmas, ABRO arranges for a group to travel to Belarus. During this time, you will stay with host families and be immersed in their culture.  We may be able help arrange for you to stay with people you know in Belarus! (If you do – if you don’t we will arrange housing for you with friends of ABRO there) During the trip we plan opportunities to love on the children of Belarus by visiting orphanages, shelters, and/or children’s hospitals. Year after year this has become an unforgettable experience for you to get to know the Belarussian people and the Belarussian culture.

​Activities May Include:

  • Traveling to a local village and meeting some of the people who are alumni of the summer program.
  • Delivering the Christmas cards & Candy boxes to ABRO children.
  • Experiencing a traditional New Year’s Eve and Day with your host family!
  • Listening to children who have aged out of the ABRO program as they talk about what ABRO has meant to them.
  • Visiting some of the heavily radiated regions and see some of the monuments to demolished villages
  • Visiting a local orphanage, children’s shelter, and/or children’s hospital and spend time with the children and teachers there.
  • There will also be several days of free time to explore Belarus.
  • Activities are arranged based on the desires of the participants and therefore the trip changes every year!